I am a theologian, specialising in peacebuilding and social ethics.

I am a theologian by training, currently working as the lead for social and environmental justice programming at the London Jesuit Centre.

I did my undergraduate and MA in Theology at Durham University, before moving on to a PhD
at the University of Edinburgh, specialising in ecclesiology and ethnography. From there, I went on to join a three-year postdoctoral project at Edinburgh’s Centre for Theology and
Public Issues on ‘Peacebuilding and the Arts’.

My research interests are in peacebuilding and Catholic social teaching. In broad terms, that means exploring questions about how Catholic social teaching on peace lands in practice, and how peacebuilding practice can ‘talk back’ to that tradition of teaching and encourage it to develop to meet the challenges of twenty-first century conflict. At the moment I am particularly interested in the intersection between Catholic social teaching, theologies of nonviolence and theories of violence and conflict.

From 2015–2019 I was a sister of the Congregation of Jesus. I left the congregation in 2019.

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