Why the title matters

Back in the day, at a theological college that shall not be named, I faced a problem. I was a seminar tutor for undergraduates, and I noticed that many of them were using exclusive language in their weekly submissions –man, mankind– and so on. The school didn’t have an inclusive language policy, so I thoughtContinue reading “Why the title matters”

Violence and Vanier

There’s a very good article in the latest edition of Modern Theology by Isaac Samuel Villegas on ‘The Ecclesial Ethics of John Howard Yoder’s Abuse’. In the piece, Villegas makes the case that Yoder’s theological work cannot be separated from his personal conduct. He demonstrates that Yoder’s thinking about ecclesial ethics -particularly ‘binding and loosing’-Continue reading “Violence and Vanier”

Toxic Nonviolence

Over the last few days, I’ve found myself reflecting on the connections between three otherwise disparate figures: John Howard Yoder, Jean Vanier, and Mahatma Gandhi. All three were advocates for nonviolence, and all three -in different ways and to different extents- engaged in behaviour that spanned the spectrum from sexually abusive to (in Gandhi’s case),Continue reading “Toxic Nonviolence”

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