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My monograph Peacebuilding and Catholic Social Teaching will be coming out with Notre Dame University Press in September 2020.

The book starts from one question: what would it take to galvanise the world’s 1.4 billion Catholics in the cause of a sustainable, just peace? Among other things, it would require the Catholic Church’s teaching on peace to become better known and rooted in the lives of ordinary Catholics. It also requires that teaching tradition to continue developing in light of the challenges of contemporary conflict, and the insights of contemporary strategic peacebuilding. The book explores the development of the Church’s teaching on peace, and engages constructively with the themes of pastoral accompaniment, solidarity, social sin, reconciliation and desire for peace.

You can download a flyer here, and pre-order the book here.

What do artists have to contribute to the work of peacebuilding? Transforming violent conflict is not just a matter of rebuilding institutions and infrastructure: it also requires rebuilding less tangible things like trust and hope, healing trauma, and working with the symbolic, religious and cultural language of people affected by violent conflict.

The edited collection Peacebuilding and the Arts (Palgrave Macmillan, 2020) came out of a project at the Centre for Theology and Public Issues, which brought together peacebuilders, theologians, theorists and artists to ask what literature and storytelling, theatre and dance, music, visual arts and film can contribute to task of peacebuilding.

You can find out more and order the book here.


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